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How to test the coloring force of the pigment

The coloring force of the pigment is also called the real strength. Pigments with high coloring power can be used to reduce consumption and increase economic value. This is also a project that users attach great importance to. For example, tinting benzidine yellow is very high, higher than that of chrome 9 times, while also titanium yellow chrome yellow is 3-4 times higher than. For example, tinting fast yellow G 100, fast yellow 10G was only 48. The determination of coloring power of pigments is the same as that of pigments, usually between standard samples of the same species. The standard sample's coloring power is 100%, according to the product standard, the test sample is no less than 95%. The methods used to determine the comparison of color, color pigment is a white pigment such as lithopone or titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide filling light, and then the standard sample to compare the color of the color. When the coloring force of the specimen is greater than or less than that of the standard sample, the amount of the standard sample can be increased or reduced, and the coloring force of the sample can be calculated. A method for determining the coloring force for intermediate control is to correctly weigh the sample and the standard sample, and to lapping the white ink containing 75% Zinc Oxide or 60% rutile titanium white powder by hand, and calculate the coloring force with the consumption of the white ink. It is more accurate and accurate, but the result is quite accurate, but it is a nonstandard method. A new method for determining the relative scattering force of the pigment and white pigment is to determine the absorption index of the sample and the absorption index of the sample by a spectrophotometer. The ratio of the two is expressed as the relative coloring force by the percentage. The same white pigment can be used to measure the scattering index of the sample and the standard sample after the black pigment is added. The ratio of the two is expressed as the relative scattering force by the percentage. Its principle and measurement method can be referenced to the standard of GB/T 13451.2-92.

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