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Improvement of high performance pigments

Development of 1. new color system organic pigment

We have developed a new hair color system with excellent durability, high coloring intensity and bright color. In particular, we should pay attention to the heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and other heterocyclic compounds, which have a conjugate system that forms molecular and intramolecular hydrogen bonds, which can give excellent durability to organic pigments. Most of the existing substituents in high performance pigment structure are modified or modified by the substituents in the existing high-performance pigments. By changing the properties and positions of the substituents introduced on the basic chemical skeleton of the pigment, the electronic state and crystalline form of the pigment are adjusted to achieve the purpose of changing the color.

Improvement of the manufacturing technology of 2. high performance pigments

The manufacturing routes of high performance pigments are long and complex, most of which need to be made in organic solvents. The coarse pigment particles are hard and coarse, which requires high demand for pigment processing. Therefore, improving their manufacturing technology is an important technological innovation content. It is urgent for us to improve the manufacturing technology of high-performance pigments.

3., in-depth research and application of physical and chemical state adjustment and control technology of high-performance pigments.

The physical and chemical state of high performance pigments, including the crystalline form, the size and shape of the particles, the distribution of the particle size, and so on, varies with the different techniques and methods used, resulting in the different properties of the pigments, including color, color, color, gloss, surface copper and light, covering power and transparency and flow. Properties and rheology and oil absorption, light fastness and weather fastness, solvent resistance and migration resistance, dispersion and stability. The new pigment surface treatment technology, such as adding crystal growth inhibitor, new surface treatment technology, mixed coupling technology, critical liquid treatment technology, hidden pigment technology, pigment technology under water medium pressure and ultrasonic dispersion technology, etc.


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