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Benzidine yellow - high cost performance pigment

In the pigment market, benzidine yellow occupies a large proportion. Because of its large consumption and high cost performance, it has always been favored by the majority of pigment users.

We first give you a brief introduction to the aniline yellow. The Chinese name of biphenyl yellow is generally: benzidine yellow G, and several aliases: diphenyl amine yellow, pigment yellowish yellow, yellow pigment 12, and it also has a special English name in English: Benzidine Yellow G. Benzidine yellow insoluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol; red orange in concentrated sulfuric acid; brownish yellow in dilute; brown in concentrated nitric acid; usually yellow in color.

With the progress of technology and the improvement of market demand, diphenyl amine yellow in various applications also highlights its different performance, so talking about the price of benzidine yellow can not be generalized. First, we should distinguish what use of the diphenyl amine you purchased, and then look at the color, covering power and storage of the benzidine yellow you purchased. Are there any corresponding requirements for storage stability, pre dispersion and other related properties? For example, several forms of benzidine yellow produced in production, for example, diphenyl amine yellow YHY1226, which is suitable for fire extinguisher powder; diphenyl amine yellow YHY1232, which is the most prominent feature of the form, is no fluorescent (UV irradiation without metal, black); diphenyl amine yellow YHY1209, this dosage form applies In woven bag drawing, color masterbatch, the color powder has a large volume, easy to disperse, benzidine yellow YHY1233, suitable for intaglio ink, with high transparency, and benzidine yellow YHY1222, low viscosity, low cost, is the best choice for water ink!

In fact, the dosage forms of benzidine yellow are far more than a few. There are nearly 100 kinds of dosage forms for printing ink, paint, rubber, plastic, pigment printing pulp, cultural and educational products and so on. It is neutral yellow, in line with the color standard of the four color printing; good heat resistance can be used for coloring of polyurethane foam; medium resistance to solvent, showing the tendency of recrystallization; light and weather resistance is 1-2 lower than other yellow pigment (P.Y.13,83127176); it is used in soft PVC with a certain mobility.

Compared with other types of pigments, benzidine yellow has wide uses and relatively low price. If you want to know more information about the price of benzidine yellow products, you can contact our senior salesperson to answer for you in detail.

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