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Daxing chemical pigment with you to decrypt a perfect blue pigment can never brown

Some time ago, an unexpected discovery was made by a graduate student in Oregon, us. He investigated and analyzed the electrical properties of manganese oxide during the experiment and found a bright blue pigment. It has a new shade, and it will also help build ultra-energy-efficient homes.

The unexpected discovery sheds light on a mystery that went unsolved thousands of years ago when ancient egyptians, Chinese han, mayan and other ancient civilizations tried to develop a near-perfect blue pigment. In 2009, professor MasSubramanian and a research team at the university of Oregon accidentally discovered YInMn blue, a unique pigment that the team has only recently commercialized.

The name of the new pigment depends on its composition, said supolamani, a professor in the department of materials science in the department of chemistry at the university of Oregon. "basically, this is an accidental discovery. In fact, our research has nothing to do with the discovery of pigments. One day, quite unexpectedly, one of the graduate students on the project was taking samples from a hot furnace, and I was walking by and I saw it was blue, a very beautiful blue, and I knew immediately that something amazing was going to happen."

At 1200 degrees Celsius, the color of the benign manganese oxide changes to a bright blue. The new pigment is formed through a unique crystal structure, in which manganese ions absorb red and green light wavelengths, reflecting only blue ones. This vivid blue color is very persistent, its composition is very stable, even in soil and water, its color does not fade.

Performance of organic pigment:

Organic pigment is a kind of colored, fine particle, powdery organic compound, which is often used to make coatings, inks, and coloring plastics and rubber.

1. Bright colors, which can give the colored object (or substrate) a firm color;

2, insoluble in water, organic solvent or application medium

3. It is easy to disperse evenly in the application medium, and it is free from the physical and chemical influence of the application medium in the whole dispersion process, retaining their own inherent crystal structure;

4. Sun resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent resistance.

The colour has commercial value and some artists have started to use it, but prof supolamani points out that it is not just a pigment, it has unique properties that make it even more special. Its bright blue color is more durable and easy to manufacture safely. It will be a new energy efficiency material. Because it reflects a lot of infrared light, YInMn blue pigments can be used as coatings to cool buildings.

"The new blue pigment is an inorganic pigment and the company is currently patented to manufacture and sell YInMn blue," said Geoffrey Peake, head of research and development at sheard colors. The pigment is also resistant to heat and acid, and is currently being tested before being used more widely.

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