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The Daxing pigment of Shenzhen Daxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholesale company devoted to the development, production, sales and after-sales service of middle and high end pigment products. The company is registered in the "Shenzhen" of the special economic zone of China. It has the right of independent brand and import and export trade, and its products are widely used in plastics coloring, printing, painting, coating, textile and other fields.

The company is in the spirit of "plastic Toner one-stop procurement, so that the color is more simple" concept, serving many large enterprises. Daxing pigment is the Shenzhen pigment supermarket, in addition to the strategic cooperation with a large number of domestic color manufacturers, but also with Kore, BASF, Kalev, great day refinement, DIC, Hagong, Lansheng, Sumitomo, good profit knob, Coster, DuPont, Huntsman, DuPont, Hua Le, Stirling, Merck, flower king and other international companies Good cooperative relationship.

In management, the company adopts advanced modern management concept and has a complete quality management system. Equipped with advanced quality testing equipment and technical experts. With quality product quality, perfect after-sale technology tracking service and reasonable market price, we must work with customers for long-term cooperation and common development.


COMPANY:Shenzhen Daxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

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